About the Project

Waiting For A Horse

Commissioned Performance for “Horse” exhibition at Circa and Everard Read Galleries, 2011
As I work site-specifically I wanted to work with the site where the galleries were situated. The performance Waiting for a Horse was executed over a 2 hour period  on the pavement opposite the galleries, where passengers wait for hours for taxis to take them from the Northern Suburbs back to their homes. The performance was viewable from the roof deck of Circa gallery. I began waiting there at 6pm and was joined at 15-minute intervals by 6 other jockeys, where we all waited for a horse that never came.
Jockeys: Murray Kruger, Gina Kraft, Mark Straw, Lesley Perkes, Lester Adams and Jemma Kahn.
Photography credits: Christian Ihrybauer and Dieter Kuhl.