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A performance by Kai Lossgott and Anthea Moys. 2007.
Performed at Spier Contemporary 2007, Spier Estate, Stellenbosch and Spier Contemporary JHB at Johannesburg Art Gallery, 2008.
In ‘Unsaid’, water enunciates the acts of speech which describe a relationship between two lovers. Standing on two tall plinths, the performance begins with small movements, abstractions of everyday routine, like getting ready to go out and grooming. Drinking from large plastic water bottles, the lovers spit at each other in flirtation. Over time, flirtatious squirts become violent bursts, as they splatter water at one another, sparring it out as they almost fall off their posts. Slowly, they tire. The water loses impetus and fails their purpose. What were once dramatic and passionate spurts now become mere dribbles, lethargic drops from their mouths. With nothing left the man leaves the scene. The woman climbs down last and picks up the mans bottle that he has thrown on the ground. she stands in front of the audience – at their level now – and empties the two bottles onto the ground. The same water from each bottle.
See: http://www.kailossgott.com
Photographer Credits: Suzi Bernstein and John Hodgekiss – We are so grateful!