About the Project

The Window Workers was a commissioned performance for the 2015 BASA Awards. The theme for the performance was ‘transformation’. For this work I collaborated with artists Lavendhri Arumagum and Dion Monti and three 4th year Fine Arts students from Wits School of the Arts. The performance was a durational piece that spanned over 3 hours during the awards ceremony.

Change.  Metamorphosis.  Amendment.  Revision.  Reshaping.  Re-arrangement.  These are some of the words that come to mind when thinking about this theme of transformation.  For me, when I think about this word, I see people; at work, with others, together.

The conceptual foundation for The Window Workers performance will build on notions of “transformation in action” – the idea that transformation takes work, and working together.  My wish is that people will feel like they can participate and contribute in the making, thereby transforming not only the space we are in, but also transforming their experience as passive onlookers into active participants – a way to connect, human to human in the process of making.