About the Project

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The Water Ballet Divas
Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton.
Art At Work (AWW) commissio for JHB Art Fair 2009.
Collaboration with Toni Morkel, Choreographed by Tracey Human.
Photographs: Dean Hutton and Chris Saunders
“The Water Diva’s, Gauteng’s world famous synchro-swimming sensation, have been coaxed out of retirement! The Water Divas perform with gazelle-like grace, combined with exacting precision, to deliver a performance of extreme beauty.” Having not performed in over ten years, Gauteng’s Water Ballet Divas put on quite a show in celebration of the Arts on Sandton Square in early 2008. The performance was a resounding success.
Toni Morkel, Anthea Moys, Carolyn Visser, Roberto Pombo, Bafikile Sedibe, Gretha Brazelle.