About the Project

The Tin Can Choir was the result of a 3 week residency in Birmingham in October 2014. The project was a collaboration with Friction Arts and Natalie Mason and was commissioned for the Afro Vibes festival 2014. Friction Arts was commissioned to create a social cafe where people could gather at the theatre before and after shows. One of the main decorations we used were tin cans. Every Wednesday we would meet at the Friction Arts base, ‘The Edge’ and invite members of the community to join us there in work and play. We would paint the cans, tell stories and play. We also gathered songs and stories from people in Birmingham.
We then created the world’s first ever Tin Can Choir! The choir is basically ten cans which are all connected with string to a bucket. The ten singers then pull the cans tight and sing into them. In order to hear the song being sung you have to stick your head in the bucket. This was then performed on two of the evenings as part of the Afro Vibes festival.
The Tin Can Choir can be commissioned as part of an event and it is also one of the play workshop options I offer.