About the Project

The Accident Series consists of three accidents that took place in various public site in and around Sierre, Switzerland whilst I was participating in the MAPS (Master of Arts in the Public Sphere) program in 2006. Inspired by the snowswimming accident, for three consecutive days I decided to go in search of accidents. With no destination in mind, I decided to create or find myself in an accident.The three accidents were slipping, sliding and snowswimming. Each of them ended in some kind of painful failure which brought the performance to an end. For example whilst sliding down the hill, I cut open my baby finger on some sharp ice. I saw this as the end of the performance: game over. The photograph “Bloody Finger” is the ‘document’ of this accident.

Can you See me? as part of The Accident Series
Sierre, Switzerland, 2006. Video piece from a failed performance.
The work can be seen as a game, which I played with another participant: the cameraman. The performances took place outside in public environments. During the process of making the work in this space, I pictured myself to be much, much larger in the frame. When I got back to the editing studio I saw that I was most definitely not large at all! At first I saw it as a failure due to miscommunication between us, but then I began to work with the actual ‘fabric’ of this miscommunication which resulted in this video piece, which became a celebration of this failure.
“It is an escape from the rational discourse of economic utility, an emptying out that is really a new creation and acquisition. The subject becomes sovereign in the very creation of the temporal place for play. It is the impossible moment that diverts the flow of energy in rational exchange in its selfish uselessness to a new point of definition” (Kosalka, 1999:7)