Commissioned Performance for GIPCA Live Art Festival February, Cape Town, 2017

About the Project

For the GIPCA Live Art Festival 2017 held in Cape Town, Anthea Moys and Roberto Pombo worked with the Rosa Choir Project in creating a 20 minute performance that played with the very idea of what a choir is through performance. Video here!


Anthea and Roberto love to sing. More than this they love choirs. Even more than this they love experimental choirs. For 2 weeks, Roberto and Anthea lived in Cape Town and worked with the Rosa choir. After several sessions of playful experimentation with the choirmaster and the singers, the group present ReChoir! – a choral performance piece that reimagines the concept of a choir. In addition to responding to already existing material, ReChoir will look to the singers of the choir themselves as material and subject matter for what we will be sung: responding to their personalities and general experiences living in Cape Town. Songs may be shouted or screamed, laughed or whispered. The choir may move around or stay in one place, lie down or sing from above. You may even find yourself immersed… !