Move Through: Newtown

It will take your breath away!

About the Project

As part of my Experiential Runs through various cities, Newtown was one of the first areas where I developed one of these Runs. The first run was for a conference on art in public space. As one of the speakers I also designed a live art experience – this breathless tour of Newtown. Taking people out of the conference hall and into the streets, clubs and rooftops of Newtown. The second run was commissioned by the J.D.A (Johannesburg Development Agency) for #JoziWalks in July.

The idea behind the experiential slow sunset runs is that attendees learn about the place by moving through it, as opposed to a strictly informational walking tourIn preparation for the run I worked with several people that live, work and/or play in the area in designing this experience. Each of the collaborators shared with the runners what they love (their skill) as well as their experience of this place through some words, but mostly through movement. The runners moved through the space, from one site to the next like a flock of birds or school of fish. We danced with dancers from Market Theatre Lab, we played imaginary basket ball on a magic semi invisible court in the street, we learnt the rules of graffitti and how to safely leave a ‘tag’, we danced in Tony’s Red Apple Night Club and finally ended up on a rooftop to hear Twiggy sing to the sunset as she threw yellow flowers down to us.

Videos here and here