Move Through: Copenhagen

And beer delivery by crane!

About the Project

Artist Residency at Astrid Noak’s Atelier, CPH, 2017Performance included in Copenhagen Art Week 2017


After spending just over a week immersed in Copenhagen landscape Anthea created an experiential run through a small area surrounding the studio that people went on in groups of 15. There were 2 runs. The runs are about actively, energetically and playfully moving through and responding to the space with movement as opposed to just getting from point A to point B. The run was about 15 minutes long. Anthea asked people in the area if they would like to participate in the run and respond to the above idea. Some of the stops included: listening to Jens from Crims and Crams singing “Across the Universe” in his wife’s charity shop, drinking a shnapps at the bodega on the corner before racing across the zebra crossing in the worlds smallest marathon, doing a petrol station dance at the petrol station, responding to a large sculpture through movement and finally interpreting a picture of a man doing a shoulder stand in the street.

After the run everyone was awarded with a number 1 medal that was hand made by Anthea.


The process of gentrification is happening in the area and the studio is in a precarious position with both blocks next door being built up. ANA refuses to sell as it believes the studio is a crucial part of the well being for the area. During my time at the studio I was aware of the tension between the builders next door and the artist studio. In response to this tension I decided to hang out with the construction workers and the artists and slowly made friends. The construction workers and I agreed that it would be a grand idea to deliver beer via crane for the event. So – we did it! After the runs, the beer was delivered in a large crate into the studio. The construction workers came over after their day of work and shared hot dogs and beers with us. In thanks for their participation I drew a portrait for each of the workers.


How do we experience the city’s space as we move through it? And how does the environment affect our behaviour? What do we do and what do we dare in all publicity? During an ANA residency, South African artist Anthea Moys has studied Copenhagen’s typical urban spaceship and compared it to South Africa. One of the differences she has particularly noted is the freedom of movement in public space here in Copenhagen, unlike in Johannesburg, where she comes from. There are barricades that decide your route through the city and nobody goes out alone in the evening. In the city of Copenhagen everything is possible in Moys’ eyes – nevertheless, she experiences a kind of embarrassment or barrier that causes us to move into the city’s rooms daily not interfering with the many possibilities there. Wednesday, August 30th, you can come with Anthea Moys on the performative trek MOVE THROUGH! through the neighbourhood around Rådmandsgade, Tagensvej and Baldersgade on Ydre Nørrebro. Anthea Moys has designed a series of movements and actions that relate to different places along the route that the audience will perform together. The idea is to get the eyes and ears up for the hidden opportunities in the public space – and exceed the barbarity of the joke and to venture into fun and fun movements – use the city from a new angle.