About the Project

“Misconduct” was an experiment in conducting and performance that asked the question: What if the conductor was conducting dancers instead of an orchestra? And what if the dancers were not allowed to hear the music and just had to respond to the conductors gestures? After an intense 5-day workshop process engaging with exactly this, choreographer Joni Barnard, conductor Matheu Kieswetter and I worked with beginner and more experienced dancers at Moving Into Dance Mophatong in the creation of the performance. For the final performance at the Joburg International Mozart Festival in 2015 the conductor conducted an orchestra of approximately 25 dancers instead of musicians. In reimagining this ‘new kind of orchestra’ the dancers used their bodies to respond and reinterpret the conductors movements as he ‘conducted’ a piece of silent music which only he could hear. After this they were finally allowed to hear the piece of music that they had been dancing to in silence all along when the conductor conducted them as well as a live orchestra that shared the stage with them. The result was cathartic!
Reveiw in Creative Feel here.
Much thanks to ACT Arts and Culture Trust for making this project possible and great thanks to Richard Cock, the Festival Orchestra and all at the Mozart Festival for taking a risk and inviting an experimental art work into the festival!
Directed and conceptualised by Anthea Moys, Choreographed by Joni Barnard
Conducted by Matheu Kieswetter
Dancers: Moving Into Dance Mophatong
M.I.D Artistic Director: Mark Hawkins
Photographs by Chris Saunders