About the Project

Flipside was a site-specific game for Braamfontein, Johannesburg and Friedrichshain, Berlin developed by performance artist Anthea Moys and 10 young creatives (Joburg) & games collective Invisible Playground (Berlin). Over the course of 4 weeks, these young creatives from Vega’s Imagination Lab 2011, Wits School of the Arts and Digital Arts worked with Anthea Moys and Invisible Playground in designing the game. The game was tested out at the Playpublik festival on August 9-12 in Berlin for which Anthea was able to attend. The final version was released at A MAZE. Interact in Johannesburg over the first weekend of September 2012.

Special thanks to Thorsten Wiedemann and The Bag Factory for initiating and supporting this project.


FLIPSIDE: A game of Teleported Reality! 

Teleport between Berlin and Jo’burg and record as many scenes as you can with your super uber cool production team! A collaboration between Berlin’s site-specific games collective Invisible Playground and Johannesburg’s first ever street game collective:Rock, Paper… Pavement!

In this real-life street game playable exclusively on the streets of Braamfontein (Jo’burg) and Friedrichshain (Berlin), teams of entertainment producers race to create a completely new kind of TV show: Teleported Reality. Starting in their city, players perform the teleportation ritual, which enables them to teleport to the other side. Players have to shoot as many improvised scenes as they can from both Berlin and Johannesburg within set periods of time whilst they are on the flipside. But watch out – shady characters will be watching your every move and the connection between the two neighbourhoods is only temporary…