About the Project

In 2007 I participated in the Kin:Be:Jozi residency that involved artists from Kinshasa, Bern and Johannesburg. For this residency I worked with champion boxer and coach George Khosi and several boxers in his gym in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. For 1 month I trained with George and his boxers in the art/sport of boxing. Towards the end of this training period we began to play with incorporating new rules into the game of boxing. The newly developed games explored the fraught relationship between violence and play, safety and survival.

The final performances included an open evening event at George’s gym where people could tag in and tag out of the game in the ring. The second performance culminated in a performance on a nearby rooftop, viewed from a gallery on the 19th floor of a neighbouring building. The performance incorporated aspects of dance, theatre and boxing. The performance was viewed not only by the gallery’s attendees but also by the many residents living in the surrounding buildings.

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And you can read more about the gym here