For The Vs. Project | Grahamstown (2013) and The Vs. Project | Geneva (2014) I worked within the eponymous communities for two 3-month long episodic, place-based performances.

In Grahmastown (RSA), over the course of the project, I learned to play the bagpipes, earned a yellow belt in karate, trained as a solo vocalist, studied ballroom dancing, joined chess and soccer clubs, as well as a battle reenactment society. For the final performance I challenged each ‘team’ to their own game: ultimately losing, but playing with utmost sincerity.

For the second iteration of the project I took up residence in Geneva where Moys I learned swiss wrestling, alpine horn playing, velodrome cycling, and ice hockey. The final 4 performances took place at the Antigel Festival in 2014.  

Ultimately, The Vs. Project sought to reposition the notion of ‘winning’ — from a singular, exclusionary understanding of the term as ‘first’– to one which emphasises process, learning, inclusion, and community building.

Location: Grahamstown, South Africa and Geneva, Switzerland.