What if a conductor was conducting dancers instead of musicians? And what if  only the conductor could hear the music and the dancers could only respond to the conductor’s gestures alone?

Misconduct (2018) emerged out of these questions. Directed and conceptualized by myself, the performance was choreographed by Joni Barnard and conducted by Matheu Kieswetter with dancers from Moving Into Dance Mophatong. The team worked with the dancers over 3 weeks, mapping out and responding to the conductor's movements, gestures and facial expressions – the only clue to the music.

On the evening of the performance, the dancers first performed next to a silent orchestra. After this, the orchestra performed the full score allowing the dancers to hear and respond to the music for the first time.

Location: Linder Auditorium, Johannesburg, South Africa

Collaborators: Joni Barnard, Matheu Kieswetter, and Moving Into Dance Mophatong.