Just Follow These Instructions And You Will Be Fine (On The Night)(2018) was created for the History Will Be Kind To Me For I Intend To Perform It  residency project. Continuing with my interest in performing instructions, I asked fellow artists, curators, and producers of the residency the following: 

              1. How do you prepare for a performance?

              2. How do you do a performance?

              3. How do you recover from a performance?

From the answers, I developed and scored a set instructions for a group performance. This was performed at PALS festival in Stockholm, Sweden, PAB festival in Bergen, Norway and finally in Turku, Finland as part of the New Turku Performance Art Festival. 

Collaborators: Leena Kela (Finland), Márcio Carvalho (Portugal), Christian Etongo (Cameroon), Serge Olivier Fokoua (Cameroon/Canada), Diana Soria Hernandez (Finland/Mexico), Gøril Wallin (Norway), Hiroko Tsuchimoto (Japan), Annette Friedrich Johannessen (Norway), Kurt Johannessen and Kirsty Kross (Australia/Norway). Photographers: Julius Töyrylä and Jussi Virkkumaa

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