Rådmandsgade 34, a cultural space in Copenhagen with several artists' studios, was threatened by development and gentrification. As part of my first residency at the space in 2017 I was tasked with activating the space and highlighting its cultural value. A year later, for a second 3-week residency, the space was still under threat: we were not sure if we were going to say hello or goodbye to this cultural space. In response, I collaborated with the resident artists, as well as the builders who I had befriended, to create a Hello/Goodbye Party. I

For the event, we took delivery of a crate of beer via a crane, a token of goodwill and reconciliation from the artists to the builders. I brought hundreds of gold leaf sheets from Johannesburg – the City of Gold – and together, we set out to cover the old warehouse building in gold; highlighting its value as a cultural treasure. I also worked closely with the street artist ZUSA in re-covering the ZUSA mural in gold leaf. Finally, I commissioned opera singer Signe Jeppesen to sing ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ on scaffolding as the sun was setting.

Later in the evening, everyone gathered as an impromptu choir in one of the artist's recording studios and we all sang ‘Hello Goodbye’.

Location: Rådmandsgade 34, Copenhagen, Denmark

Collaborators: Rasmus Bauner, Mie Lund Hansen, Anne Clement, and Anna Weirum