In our Fast Art Trailer,the Fast Art Girls (2009) traded ideas about Art, Value, and Viennas, along with a range of **exclusive** and **authentic** artworks. Visitors could order from a menu offering a selection of pre-printed combo’s (eg: a hamburger with your favourite artist in it + a free famous signature of your choice on the side). You also had the option to ‘Put Yourself Inside a Famous Artwork’ or to purchase DIY kits including: ‘Instant Art, Instant Fame’ and ‘Make a Genius Art Child’. Every purchase came with a free cold Vienna wrapped in a page from The Art Times, with mustard and tomato sauce. 

Location: Johannesburg Art Fair, Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa

Collaborators: Toni Morkel, Roberto Pombo (keyboard), James Happe (digital chef).