For the month of February Anthea and Roberto lived in Cape Town and worked with The Rosa Choir Project over 2 Saturday workshops in the reimagining of what a choir could be. The performance was a commissioned work for the ICA Live Art Festival 2017. It was an incredibly rewarding experience that we hope will be repeated soon! Pics and video to follow.

Play Retreat

In January Roberto and Anthea facilitated a Play Retreat at the Tara Rokpa Centre in the Groot Marico District. It was wonderful! Some responses include:

“Best thing since sliced bread” – Jasmina (she doesn’t eat bread and was on a juice diet during the retreat)

“The Play retreat with Anthea and Roberto was a huge amount of fun. They have created a brilliant programme full of interactive games and experiences which, as well as making sure that participants get silly, giggle and are encouraged to express themselves, also cleverly teaches about the role of improvisation, experimentation and joyfulness in a full and happy life. I can’t recommend this retreat enough. I arrived home full of hilarious stories and with a spring in my step. You will belly laugh, dance around, explore something new and fool around with art supplies.You won’t be bored for a second, but you will also have time to chill in a hammock and stare at the clouds. Go play! You’ll remember parts of yourself that the responsible adult in charge of you might have neglected.” – Mehita

“When last did I play? Play for no specific reason and no measurable outcome and just because. This is what we did at Anthea and Roberto play retreat. It was so refreshing to be in a beautiful space, to meet new people and play. At first very hard to let go but then with the non judgmental support of your news friends you slowly start to open up and enjoy playing. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I am so glad I did it. I did for myself and I’ll be back. Thank you. ” – Bronwyn

Creative Mornings

Speaking about Fantasy, Play and Make-believe. November 2016
In November 2016 Anthea Moys was invited to speak about the chosen theme for the month which was ‘Fantasy’. Anthea extended the theme into the realm of play and make believe and the importance, even necessity for these ways of being in our world today, as they expand the imagination and inspire possibility. You can listen to the talk here:

The Portrait Exchange

The Portrait Exchange has been commissioned for Night of 1000 Drawings by The Squad Creative Events, First Thursdays in Braamfontein by Kalashnikovv gallery, Creative Womxn conference and several end of year events. Anthea’s collection of drawings is at about 600 now… ! Book/animation to follow shortly!


Social Muscle Club takes on JHB, November 2016
In November 2016 Anthea Moys and ALMA MARTHA hosted Social Muscle Club in Johannesburg.See photos here! Featured artists in JHB: Roberto Pombo, Khujto Green, Koeks Confection, Dineo Seshee Bopape, Ed Young and DJ ST(E)AK. About SMC: “SMC examines our practice with urban communities in response to the question: How can we face our fears? It begins with personal fears, from facing up to asking for help to confronting stage fright, and ʻjumping over our own shadows.’ The outcome of these interactions open the idea of expanding practice to take in the urgent social and political questions of our time – issues such as inequality, social separation, disconnection and apathy. SMC asks, ‘does changing ourselves initiate change in our neighborhoods, our cities, the world?’ From this initial phase of training with one another, an underlying principle emerges: Through art, can we foster our capacity and potential? (We are crossing our fingers)! #yeswhythehellnot The evening is free of charge and offers incredible performances, music that will make your bootie shake, art interventions, plus munchies, some drinks and more. We hope you come and play.”

Gqom Together

Fakugesi AfroTech Riot, September 2016
In August 2016 I was a participant with several other incredible creative minds and bodies in the Fakugesi Afrotech Riot fest. We made jelly that made sounds when you touched it and we also made this: ‘Gqom Together’. SUPER FUN.

Anthea and The Portrait Exchange for Creative Womxn

Creative Womxn

Speaking about creativity, play and failure. August 2016
In August Anthea was invited to speak at the Creative Womxn conference. You can listen to all the talks, including hers, here.

Anthea warming up with the My Alex team

My Alex

Youth Perceptions of Place, May, June 2016
My Alex: Youth Perceptions of Place” was a project that was initiated by the JDA (Johannesburg Development Agency) and implemented by The Coloured Cube. The project looked to the youth of the area of Alexandra township to find out what their past, present and future ideas were about their space. I was brought in to run 2 month long workshops to facilitate, guide and assist in developing their own creative responses about their place, their ‘Alex’.
The project culminated in a final showing of their expressions at the Basha Uhuru festival at Con Hill on Youth Day June 16th 2016. The performances celebrated their own expressions and stories of their Alex.

Hey Hillbrow! Let's dlala

Public Art Parade, February 2016
HEY HILLBROW! Let’s Dlala! (Let’s play!) is a festival which was first implemented in February 2016 in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South Africa. This festival is a partnership between The Outreach Foundation, The Coloured Cube, Anthea Moys and Hillbrow residents with the intention of becoming an annual festival that celebrates the diversity which exists in Hillbrow.
Hillbrow is an inner city of Johannesburg residential area. It is known for its high density, unemployment and crime. Most of the residents are migrants from the townships, rural areas, and the rest of Africa.
The festival brings people into the streets creating unity through the celebration of diversity through the arts and highlights the many talents which exist within the area relating to the creative sector.
Thank you to Between 10 and 5 for this great article about the day. Photos: Dave Mann
Alse see: Have City Will Play