When Anthea was younger she decided she wanted a profession where she could shape shift and learn as much as possible. So she became an artist. In her profession as an artist she has been lucky enough to shape shift into the following identities: a painter, a singer, a karateka, a chess player, a ballroom dancer, a bag pipe player, an actress, a soccer player, an ice hockey player, a swiss alpine horn player, a indoor track cyclist, a swiss wrestler, a runner, an arm wrestler, a street cleaner, a rugby player, a porter, a cyclist, a conductor, a boxer, a teacher, a fellow player. Currently she is learning how to Dj.

Why is all of this important? Well, whilst Anthea’s superpower may not be mastering one particular skill, rather, she has learnt to master the human art and act of active listening & learning itself. Engaging in all of these experiences with all of these different people and disciplines has given her a unique outlook on life and a unique way of working with people. In her consulting practice she brings this unique perspective to the table and assists clients through a process that engages the client or group in creative problem solving that leads to sustainable outcomes.