The Portrait Exchange

Fuelled by the belief that everyone can draw, the performance is a game that is played between the artist Anthea Moys and any willing player who will sit opposite her. The rules are that they both have to draw each other in one minute, but are not allowed to look down at the page, putting them both at a disadvantage. Afterwards they sign and date the drawings and exchange them. Duration usually 3 hours, negotiable.

The Free Portrait Booth

The free portrait booth is a booth that one enters by themselves and participates in a playful experience for approximately 5 minutes. Upon entering the booth, the participant puts on the headphones and goes on journey whereby they end up creating their own artwork with the guidance of my voice. I am at a nearby location and I can see and hear them. They can only hear my voice. The piece is performed for 3 hours and comes with a doorman – Gerald (Roberto Pombo), who manages the comings and goings of participants and makes interesting small talk with those waiting to go inside. The piece encourages you to put aside judgment – of yourself as an artist or creative being – and play. It is a fun, but also self-reflective work where you go on a journey by yourself and I have merely set up the parameters and am your guide. You will be surprised at what you find…!