Play by Night

Weekly Wednesday Art Classes Starting 2nd Nov, 2016
Play by Night is a completely new art class, for anyone whose ever had an idea that they’ve never followed through on or for those who are a bit stuck creatively and need a bit of a playful nudge in a new direction…

Nights are sometimes boring, tiring or lonely… Play by Night is for you, for me, for everyone who wants to connect with others through the act of making. If you have an idea for a story or a song, a movie or an artwork, this is the space to develop it. If you don’t have any ideas, come anyway and see what happens…! Each class will be different – new rules, new games, and new ways of responding, playing, thinking, collaborating, making, connecting and being in the world.

“I shut my eyes in order to see” – Paul Gauguin

It’s about activating the senses
It’s about trusting the process
It’s about not seeing, in order to see…
It’s a safe space – a space where you can be a little impulsive – take some risks and see what happens
Possibly with colour
Possibly with glow in the dark
Possibly with music
Possibly with things pulled out of a hat
Possibly with surprise guests
Possibly with rules
New rules should be created every week…

BRING: MATERIALS (some drawings materials will be provided) food and drink or anything else you fancy First four classes in November – FREE!

We can only take 12 people. PLEASE RSVP by FRIDAY 28th October. or on the FACEBOOK page: Play by Night: