Adventures in Creativity

Play by Night

Weekly Wednesday Art Classes starting 2nd Nov, 2016

Play by Night is a completely new art class, for anyone whose ever had an idea that they’ve never followed through on or for those who are a bit stuck creatively and need a bit of a playful nudge in a new direction…

Nights are sometimes boring, tiring or lonely… Play by Night is for you, for me, for everyone who wants to connect with others through the act of making. If you have an idea for a story or a song, a movie or an artwork, this is the space to develop it. If you don’t have any ideas, come anyway and see what happens…! Each class will be different – new rules, new games, and new ways of responding, playing, thinking, collaborating, making, connecting and being in the world.

“I shut my eyes in order to see” – Paul Gauguin

It’s about activating the senses
It’s about trusting the process
It’s about not seeing, in order to see…
It’s a safe space – a space where you can be a little impulsive – take some risks and see what happens
Possibly with colour
Possibly with glow in the dark
Possibly with music
Possibly with things pulled out of a hat
Possibly with surprise guests
Possibly with rules
New rules should be created every week…

BRING: MATERIALS (some drawings materials will be provided) food and drink or anything else you fancy First four classes in November – FREE!

We can only take 12 people. PLEASE RSVP by FRIDAY 28th October. or on the FACEBOOK page: Play by Night:


WHAT: Booster session! Energising anxiety reducing, laughter inducing booster session that involves, quite simply, playing games that really make you feel more aware, awake and alive.
What to expect: Mostly non-competitive games that move the body, challenge you to think less and laugh and play more.

WHAT IS NEEDED: An open space where we can move around. A chair for each person for the zombie game.


WHAT IS IT? Weekly artistic challenges that push you out of your comfort zone in a safe and playful way and ask you to think less and respond more intuitively to the problem at hand. Exercises are drawn from an archive of artists’ ways of working: from the Surrealist’s and Dadaist’s automatic drawing games to Pop art’s collage experiments, each class is about making and making without thinking too much if it is right or wrong, good or bad. In school many of us were restricted in these ways – that we had to ‘get it right’ and so we were afraid of making mistakes. Here mistakes, many mistakes and retakes are welcome! “Ever tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” Samuel Beckett on failure.

DURATION: 4 Weeks or longer. Each session is 2 hours.


MAKE YOUR OWN MAKE-BELIVE MANIFESTO! A Manifesto is a public declaration of intent and is usually associated with political parties, but anyone can essentially create their own manifesto. During the 1960’s there were many artists that wrote Manifesto’s, The Futurist Manifesto being the most well known. The workshop is about playfully developing your own Manifesto, your statement of beliefs and values, individually or in a team. You will also be challenged to make outfits, flags, possibly even a fort and figure out how to collectively perform this manifesto to the rest of the group. The workshop is a really fun way to begin the year as a team. Ready, steady… manifest!

WHAT IS NEEDED: This workshop can take place anywhere. We will respond to and use what is in the room already.


Adventures in Creativity and Awareness
This course is inspired by one of my students who was the king of procrastination, but then used this as material for work. We all procrastinate. We all suffer from ‘the imposter syndrome’ and probably so many other things that hinder us from doing the work! What if we could use these common human failures as material for creative work and ideas? It’s all about your perspective and how you look at things. Artists are pretty good at this because they really good at looking at things, ordinary, boring every day things in new ways. We can also apply this to anything – its not about if you can draw or not – its about how you look at things.

What to expect:
An inspiring talk on how many creative people have worked with failure as material to create work. List making and swopping failures. Turning the worst ideas into the best ones through games and working collaboratively.

What is needed: projector for talk, drawing and writing materials.


Adventures in Creativity and Awareness
You are a tourist. You are not from here. You are an adventurer, a detective, and an investigator. This course is about going outside. An adventurous series of workshops where we will go to a different place in Johannesburg for each of the four weeks and walk. In each place we will respond to that place with different activities such as drawing, map making, collecting items and make frottages/rubbings. In 2012 I participated in a walkshop in Marseilles, France. The idea was to see walking as a creative practice itself. How we walk, where we walk, how we engage with spaces and places and did you know that there are many different ways of walking? On our walks we will engage all the senses – looking, listening, smelling, touching and tasting. We will also be drawing and writing, leaving things behind and maybe taking things with. This course is about walking the city with new eyes and responding site-specifically to places that resonate with you in whatever way you choose.

WHAT IS NEEDED: Team needs to be able to meet in four different locations. Materials (notebook and pencil/pen) will be provided.

Duration: Four X 2-hour sessions over the course of 4 weeks

Yaaas Kweeen!

Mensies Welcome to the Sister-hood Ritual
WHAT IS IT: A ritual developed with the mother and/or guardians of the young lady who is about to become a woman. YAY! A lot of us don’t have any rituals anymore. How do we celebrate important rites of passage? This ritual is about a collaboration in celebrating the young woman’s entry into woman-hood. Lead by myself and my mother, we work closely with the young ladies mother/father/guardian in designing a special ritual for the young lady that involves all of the woman in her life. We also bring into the circle amazing woman who have come before us, honouring them and seeing them as inspiring mentors. As is my style, the ritual is collaborative, playful and celebratory!

The Portrait Exchange

Performances for Events
Fuelled by the belief that everyone can draw, the performance is a game that is played between the artist Anthea Moys and any willing player who will sit opposite her. The rules are that they both have to draw each other in one minute, but are not allowed to look down at the page, putting them both at a disadvantage. Afterwards they sign and date the drawings and exchange them.
Duration usually 3 hours, negotiable.

The Free Portrait Booth

Performances for Events
The free portrait booth is a booth that one enters by themselves and participates in a playful experience for approximately 5 minutes. Upon entering the booth, the participant puts on the headphones and goes on journey whereby they end up creating their own artwork with the guidance of my voice. I am at a nearby location and I can see and hear them. They can only hear my voice. The piece is performed for 3 hours and comes with a doorman – Gerald (Roberto Pombo), who manages the comings and goings of participants and makes interesting small talk with those waiting to go inside.

The piece encourages you to put aside judgment – of yourself as an artist or creative being – and play. It is a fun, but also self-reflective work where you go on a journey by yourself and I have merely set up the parameters and am your guide. You will be surprised at what you find…!


When Anthea was younger she decided she wanted a profession where she could shape shift and learn as much as possible. So she became an artist. In her profession as an artist she has been lucky enough to shape shift into the following identities: a painter, a singer, a karateka, a chess player, a ballroom dancer, a bag pipe player, an actress, a soccer player, an ice hockey player, a swiss alpine horn player, a indoor track cyclist, a swiss wrestler, a runner, an arm wrestler, a street cleaner, a rugby player, a porter, a cyclist, a conductor, a boxer, a teacher, a fellow player. Currently she is learning how to Dj.

Why is all of this important? Well, whilst Anthea’s superpower may not be mastering one particular skill, rather, she has learnt to master the human art and act of active listening & learning itself. Engaging in all of these experiences with all of these different people and disciplines has given her a unique outlook on life and a unique way of working with people. In her consulting practice she brings this unique perspective to the table and assists clients through a process that engages the client or group in creative problem solving that leads to sustainable outcomes.

Wits School of the Arts 1st year students


Anthea has taught at numerous institutions including Wits School of the Arts, Rhodes University, University of Johannesburg, Vega School of Brand Leadership, Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls and De La Salle high school. In all of her teaching she encourages a collaborative and adventurous approach with a focus on developing creative literacy through play. Over the years she has designed many courses that range from art and performance in public space to introductory courses in creative development to practical and performative drawings courses. More recently she has developed courses that aim to develop creativity in learners – not as an artsy hobby, but as a very valuable skill to have for the working world.